Ever since KrF was founded in 1933, young people had participated in the party. After WWII, the party experienced a growth in membership and electoral support. In this situation, there was a need to establish a forum for the youth. As a response to this need, KrFU was grounded in 1946. In December 1946, ca. 40 delegates from all over the country were gathered to the first countrywide convention (landsmøte). 

The convention decided to make KrFU independent of the “mother party” KrF. This issue evoked a lot of discussions, because quite many delegates wanted to unite the forces into a common organization. However, a proposal to expand the foundation of KrFU did only get two votes.    

KrFU was founded with the purpose of “making Christian opinions influential in society”. Since then, the struggle for the absolute value of man, the combating of poverty and suppression and the work for sustainable development has been the distinctive features of the organization. From the beginning until today, KrFU has been a meeting place for young people wanting to change the world.